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These are just a few of the testimonials that have been sent regarding Anthony: 


"There are teachers and there are instructors and then there are mentors. Teachers teach us what to do and instructors show us how to do it. And although both are important parts of the learning process they are of little use if the student doesn't feel comfortable with the lessons or fully understands the material.

A mentor is both teacher and instructor with the unique skill to bring the lesson home in a way that makes the student believe they can and will execute the lesson. Anthony Wellington embodies the mentorship role like no other. He has a special talent to deliver a message in a way  that makes every student feel like he's talking to just them. His brilliant ability to craft even the most complex of topics in the simplest form is only surpassed by his depth of musical wisdom and his talent as a musician.

He seems to have an endless supply of ways to explain and even personalize a message in ways that makes it fun, simple and even magical at times. Having a good teacher is great and having a great lesson is even better. But walking away, the brand-new skill and heart felt understanding makes one yearn to do what they've learned is priceless. I cherish my lessons with Anthony Wellington and smile every time I pick up my instrument and the music comes through me just like he said that it would."

Dr. Joseph McClendon lll PhD
Best selling author, 'Get Happy Now'
Motivational speaker with Tony Robbins
Ultimate performance specialist


I've just had one single skype lesson yet, but that single lesson already made me a better musician for a lifetime.  He's the Einstein of Bass Education.

All the best from Germany,
Frank Backes


This cat Anthony Wellington is possibly the best bass teacher in the world.  He is indeed a Bassologist.  He makes me wanna teach bass.  I see patterns and shapes and melodic devices all over the neck.  It's crazy!

Malcolm-Jamal Warner


Here's some random thoughts and impressions re Anthony as a teacher, mentor and friend that I've come to realize over the past (almost) two years now.

I can't figure out when the guy ever sleeps!

Because I've been so involved in taking care of my mom the past two years, I haven't had the time to devote to Anthony's lessons like some may do...Anthony realizes that, always asks about my mom, and is ready to help any time I can manage a lesson.

He's always available and very accessible.  I've never sent a text and/or email that has gone unanswered.

Anthony's approach to teaching is so different from other instructors, it took a few sessions to realize he is taking me on a path...a path that dissects the instrument and music in a way that allows for a solid knowledge foundation from which I can express my musical voice.

Steve Arnett


"Anthony Wellington is a very nice and professional teacher.  He's very good and very nice to work with.  He teaches well and straight on topic; he's always focused where he needs to be.  He is also easy to work with because his ability to teach well makes him good to work with.  He is also very helpful because he is able to help me identify my problem and help me fix it easily.  He shows me more efficient ways to do things.  The best thing I've learned from Anthony so far has been tapping and slapping techniques, and also how to smell like funk.  I hope to continue to be able to work with him as my bass career has started not too long ago and I hope to work with him for the many years ahead."

Mateyko, age 11.


"Anthony is one of the most dedicated musicians i know and the best teacher i have ever had in music theory. I don't know anyone who has been able to show me the theory stuff in such a simple way and making me realize how great purpose it has for playing music."

David Palmberg


I once heard Anthony say that being the best at something means that you have more tools in your toolbox than other people.  By that measure, Anthony is simply the best bass teacher on the planet.  His mastery of the craft of playing is part of it, but more importantly Anthony has the ability to pass that information on in a way that any student can understand.  He adapts to the needs of all levels of students and like all the great ones, he makes it look easy.  If all that wasn't enough, Anthony is a model for how to bring a keen sense of discipline to your music while still having a lot of fun!  I feel privileged to be able to study with Anthony.

Glenn Meier



I met Anthony at the Vic Wooten Camp. For me, Anthony’s teaching style took the sting out of music theory and practicing. I had always felt overwhelmed and discouraged about how much I didn’t know. He helped me to see that each individual concept is easy and attainable for everyone! Through repetition and persistence in utilizing his concepts, I’ve made loads of progress and I am still upping my game on a continual basis.

To witness the light in his eyes, smile on his face, love in his heart as he plays and connects with music, is a sight to see. Also the gentleness in which he affords his struggling students, he is a living example of what I aspire to be. It seems impossible for me to express in short the wisdom and subtleties that come through Anthony and the Vic Wooten Camp. With that said, I remember his smile when he plays right before I start each gig, and it always uplifts me and helps me to shine

Thanks Anthony,
Mary Harsh


Talkin´about Ant, easy too. He thought me the best ways to approach music. Don´t try it harder, try it easier!, that´s my philosophy now, not only in music but in life too. 

Luis O´mendez


I first met Anthony at a Wooten Woods camp where he was more than happy to talk to me and the other students. I found he gave lessons and started taking from him. Since then, he's always been willing to answer any questions I have about the bass, music, or life. It's amazing that such a great musician who's active in todays music scene can pay attention and individualize each lesson he gives to benefit the student most.

Kevin Baudrexl


A few years ago I didn't have a clue who was Anthony Wellington neither that he was a Bass Player and a Teacher. One day I felt like the need to learn the Bass at a more profound level, then I made a search on the WEB and found out the Victor Wooten Nature Bass Camp, I decided to get there for one session. With all those different instructors one stand out to me and that was Anthony Wellington, from that day on after I came back I set up a few Skype lessons with him which brought me to set up a three days at Bassology studio. That gentleman is a music encyclopedia, with an easy way to share the information. I just felt at the beginning that he want to hammer it in my head LOL. I think that if a musician of any kind want to bring his musician skills to the next level Anthony is the man which could help, in more area then a person could think of, his teaching reach beyond the musicality itself. He help me to have a better understanding of my playing, making me aware that I have to change my basic skills if I want to improve and move to the next level, which I did and I'm really grateful  and Bless that I was able to recognize the opportunity and be able to meet with him for that purpose.

Regards, Pierre  Veillette


"Anthony is cool most of time"

Tyler Enslow

I have taken private face to face lesson from Anthony Wellington a couple of times and I must say he breaks everything down to where you can understand the lesson, you can tell by his teaching, that he truly want's you to become a better bass player... From what he has taught me so far I have become a much better bass player, I look forward to more lesson from him in the near future.

Tony Taylor
Navigator Bass Guiltars


"Anthony Wellington is a teacher of the highest quality, a natural talent that he makes look easy. He has an ability to take concepts previously thought by many to be complicated and make them appear simple in minutes. He speaks in language people understand and makes them eager to learn more. Outstanding in every way."

Dr. Randall Kertz, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician, Acupuncturist, Bass Player


I just revisited your private lesson to me on pentatonic master grid.  I’m so grateful..  I have recording so went over entire lesson and it was nice to hear your voice and are an inspiration.. I am very deeply grateful and appreciative.. You teach with such passion...its absorbed very well and i appreciate patience you showed. I will see you next year to continue to help you help others. I dont know how to skype and I know you are busy.. I've already learned tons from you so I wont use voucher but I’m grateful. My playing season starts next month with big bands and im also playing for new village church here in Sarasota..god bless and know that im here for and always.. be safe you are a valuable person...

Bill Ibrahim


I have had only one Skype session with you—which went kind of rough due to connection problems.  But I have been to two camps and have been profoundly moved by your teachings there and in the Groove Workshop DVD. I have often struggled with over-thinking when I take bass solos.  So, I avoid taking them.

Last week I found out that I need open heart surgery because of a genetic defect.  I found out a day before a gig.  I got scared that I could have a stroke during surgery and never play again, never express myself through music again.  I got scared of that.  Not scared of the pain or a long recovery.  But scared of losing music.

So, I am playing the gig-- just soaking in every beat, every note…loving playing with my friends.  It comes time for my solo and I have a complete and total breakthrough.  I am totally present.  I am not playing notes.  I am not thinking notes.  I am feeling.  I am playing my feeling.  I am not worried about how I sound or if I am doing it right.  My eyes are closed and it’s coming to the turn around and I can feel and hear the guys are gonna give me another go around and I can feel my tears just starting come up.  It was so liberating to have “2 through 10” just coming out…and connected to a real feeling.  Something real to say.

When it was done, the guys were saying it was my best performance ever.  Then I told them the news.  They got bummed. But I felt so good.

I realized that there is a gift inside of this (maybe a gift wrapped in sh*t, but a gift nonetheless).  The gift this fear has given me is the gift of being connected to my music, being present to my feeling when soloing/grooving.  It’s like riding a bike.  You need balance to be able to ride a bike.  People can tell you all about balance…but until you get balance for yourself, you aren’t ridin’ that bike.  Once you get it, you got it and it will always be there.  it just felt like a life-long breakthrough in that minute and thirty second span of time.

Sorry for the long email.  I just thought you might understand my experience and wanted to let you know that I never would have gotten this beautiful gift out of my very frightening experience if I had never met you and Victor.

Jamie Bludworth


I have been playing bass for over 35 years, I started when I was 12 and through many instructional books, lessons, videos and listening to as much music as I could gather to myself I felt I was well versed with the bass as an instrument and had a good grasp of theory. (Now I realize that I could only play a bunch songs). One day, deciding that I needed to advance myself, sought out Anthony. Why Anthony, you ask?...Good question. I joined TalkBass forum and Anthony is one of the "Teachers/Bloggers" who has his own thread to discuss bass playing. I read several of his posts and thought this person has an interesting outlook, on not only bass playing but music in general. So, I sought him out and after taking my first lesson realized I knew very little about the bass, even after many years of playing.

Anthony's method is unique, in a sense, where he teaches you to know your instrument not so much as nuts, bolts, interlaced with a combination woods and electronics but as an intimate part of yourself much like a relationship one would have with another human being. In a very short time my playing has changed, yes changed and evolving, I went from being a physical player, led in a steady transformation to an intellectual player, my fingers are faster, my brain is processing theory and structure at more consistent and accurate rate and the two combined have caused even myself to be happily stunned......

The learning process is as intuitive as it is complete. A series of physical and mental exercises that fully complement each other. A continuing growing process using "real world" common sense approach to understanding a "language" that I really didn't know how to "speak". The tutouring I like to compare to the teachings of Mr. Miyagi (that's the original Karate Kid for those who aren't that old). Anthony gives you a combination of exercises, that in the beginning don't seem to have much in common. Then, there will come a moment when you will have a "Wax on, wax off" epiphany, immediately everything learned falls properly into place. I now have a growing set of tools to play any situation with no reservations, no longer do I say "I don't know that song".

Anthony could easily charge twice the amount, he asks, for an hour of his time and it still would not be enough for the amount of musical knowledge that is received.

Derek A.

"I was so impressed by Anthony's skill as a player and teacher the first time I saw him in action, I hired him as a special instructor for our Teach me Bass Guiltar Bass Camp.  Our students were so impressed, we had him back for the full week the next year as a featured instructor.  An exceptional player, gifted teacher, and remarkable human being." 

Roy Vogt