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Animation by: Chris Walters

Music by: Anthony Wellington

Engineered by:  Victor Wooten at VixMix Studios

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Thanks for checking out my website... I look forward to adding new content, pictures, lessons, video, sound clips and more.  There is a store now to purchase some merchandise and new things will be added throughout the year.  Keep checking back for updates and have fun browsing around! 

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"There's very little growth possible for a musician if they're trying to operate on talent alone"

Anthony Wellington


Over the years, students have written in and praised Anthony's teaching methods, philosophy and his character as an individual and mentor.  This led Anthony to the decision to add a page to the website dedicated to these testimonials, like the one here from famous author and motivational speaker, Dr. Joseph McClendon lll PhD.  You can find more of these by going to the "Media" page and then clicking on the link to the Testimonials

"There are teachers and there are instructors and then there are mentors. Teachers teach us what to do and instructors show us how to do it. And although both are important parts of the learning process they are of little use if the student doesn't feel comfortable with the lessons or fully understands the material.

A mentor is both teacher and instructor with the unique skill to bring the lesson home in a way that makes the student believe they can and will execute the lesson. Anthony Wellington embodies the mentorship role like no other. He has a special talent to deliver a message in a way  that makes every student feel like he's talking to just them. His brilliant ability to craft even the most complex of topics in the simplest form is only surpassed by his depth of musical wisdom and his talent as a musician.

He seems to have an endless supply of ways to explain and even personalize a message in ways that makes it fun, simple and even magical at times. Having a good teacher is great and having a great lesson is even better. But walking away, the brand-new skill and heart felt understanding makes one yearn to do what they've learned is priceless. I cherish my lessons with Anthony Wellington and smile every time I pick up my instrument and the music comes through me just like he said that it would."

Dr. Joseph McClendon lll PhD
Best selling author
Ultimate performance specialist